Good Friday Caption

Good Friday Caption for your Good Friday  Pictures

Good Friday about to come and all of you will enjoy with friends and family and will click Pictures, So you need some Good Friday captions for those pictures. here we collect some best caption for your Good Friday Pictures.

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Here is the collection of Good Friday Caption for you.

Good Friday Caption

Good Friday Caption

1) On This Holy Day, May His Light Guide Your Path. May His Love Grace Your Heart and May His Sacrifice Strengthen your soul! GOOD FRIDAY!

2) Mercy, Peace and Love! May the grace of Lord surround you and be with you on Good Friday.

3) Good Friday marks the slaying of our Jesus, the unblemished lamb, the perfect sacrifice. He took our guilt and blame upon Himself, so we could be with him in paradise.

4) When you face problems in life, don’t ask GOD to take them away. Ask Him to show His purpose, Ask ways how to live a day searching his purpose for you.

5) Life is a maybe, Death is for sure. Sin is the cause, Christ is the cure! Happy Good Friday!

6) Happy Easter, a day for some to remember our saviour who died on the cross for us.

7) Very thankful for the many blessings the Lord has given me…Love you Lord. Happy Happy Easter.

8) The Lord lights up our way into eternal bliss. Happy Easter!

9) Mercy, peace and love. May the grace and Lord surround you & be with you on Happy Easter.

10) Happy Easter! Thank you for sacrificing everything for us. It’s priceless, God.

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Good Friday is a holiday of the Christian festival behind commemorates the crucifixion and Jesus Christ.
May you be blessed with the goodness of Good Friday…
Wishing everyone a heartwarming Good Friday

May the blessings Of the Lord Shine upon u On this Holy Day & may he always Keep in his loving care

The first thing I do at the start of every week drops to my knees and pray for Friday to come as fast as humanly possible.


May the glory of our Savior Strengthen you And May His Graces Shine Upon you On Good Friday & always!
Feel good when somebody Miss u. Feel better when somebody Loves u. But feel best when somebody never forgets u. Good Friday..

GOOD FRIDAY in my heart! Fear & affright My thoughts are the Disciples when they fled My words the words that priest & soldier said My deed the spear to desecrate the dead

  1. Praying for you on Good Friday so the Lord keeps you in his mind.
  2. Just like Jesus was there for us, so I will be there for you!
  3. Jesus accepted the good and bad in humans and I hope you will do the same for me!
  4. I hope I am in your prayers as you are in mine, stay blessed.
  5. It’s a day to cherish and praise the Lord,
  6. Start this Good Friday with prayers and fasting so that we can earn God’s mercy and forgiveness.
  7. May the love of our Savior fill you and may his favor always be upon you.
  8. Jesus loved us so much he sacrificed his life to take away all our sins, let’s take a moment to be grateful for his love.
  9. Jesus died for our sins. Let’s take a moment to meditate on whether we are still sinning and what we can do about it. Stay pure!
  10. Pray to the Father that you will have the love and strength of his begotten son Jesus.
  11. He will answer your prayers today… Have a blessed and happy Good Friday
  12. May the Lord light up our way into eternal bliss. Have a blessed Good Friday

Wish you all a very happy good Fridy, enjoy this good Friday with you friends and family.

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