10 Good Friday Activities

Good Friday Activities

LOTS of Good Friday Activities, Catholic Inspired ~ Arts, Crafts, and Activities! For the hours spent at home by those who cannot get to the rites of Good Friday, it is good to plan special Good Friday Activities in order to help all keep a spirit of recollection. Good Friday is a very important day for Catholics. It’s the day Jesus died on the cross for us and saved us from our sin. Not only is it an important day, but it’s also a day of fasting, prayer, and mourning.

Good Friday Activities

Good Friday Activities

Here are some simple ways to observe Good Friday Activities in your home with your kids:

  • Fast. This is required by the Catholic church if you’re health and 18 years or older, but I also encourage my kids to skip snacks and any other frivolous eating throughout the day.
  • Keep fun activities to a minimum. I know that the world wants to throw Easter parties and have egg hunts on Good Friday, but it’s just not the time for fun and celebration.
  • Skip work and/or school if possible. That’s pretty easy for us as homeschoolers- I realize not everyone has this option. Although even when I was a little girl, my mom never sent us to school on Good Friday.
  • Eat hot cross buns for breakfast. Legend says there was a priest in 1361 A.D. that gave out hot cross buns to the poor on Good Friday morning, and the tradition was born.
  • Wear black. It’s the color of mourning.
  • Read the passion story from the Bible. We like to read the passion story from scripture with this symbolic scripture lunch
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  • Do extra good deeds and sacrifices. If you have a method for tracking sacrifices such as a crown of thorns, encourage your kids to do this today.
  • Go to Stations of the Cross or Veneration of the Cross at your local Catholic church. You may even be able to find a live Stations of the Cross in your town. I also like to use our Stations of the Cross eggs and listen to our Stations of the Cross CD.
  • Watch the story of the passion on a movie. I really like The Passion Of Christ for me, and I like The Greatest Adventure Easter Story for little kids.
  • Good Friday is the first day of the Divine Mercy Novena, so don’t forget to start it.
  • The most sacred hours during Good Friday are from noon to 3:00, because this is when Jesus was on the cross. They’re sometimes known as the 3 hours of agony. During this time, hold a silence in your home, and encourage your children to do the same (to the best of their ability). Turn off the phones, TV, and other devices. Pray the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary, read from scripture, have your children quietly draw or color religious pictures, encourage them to meditate on the passion through their passion peg dolls, or read religious books.
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Wish you all a very happy good Friday, enjoy this good Friday with your friends and family.

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